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Custom Cue Ball Designs | Custom-designed Logo'd cue balls/billiard balls tailored to your needs

When It Comes to Quality, We Are Second to None. All our custom-designed cue balls are created with producing an everlasting product in mind. We use a cutting-edge technology that meticulously inlays the image underneath the surface itself. Whether the image is a one-color graphic or a multicolor digital photo, the result is a beautifully brilliant masterpiece. Also, we utilize UV-rated dye-ink that protects the image and it will not rub off. Yes, these balls are absolutely playable and there is no need for concern due to multiple impacts., that is of course, if the impacts occur in a freindly game of pool or billiards.These fashionable collectibles will grace any mantle, shelf, curio cabinet, or CEO's desk and will endure the "test of time."

The quality of the cue ball is of the utmost integrity. The balls are produced by using a uniquely formulated resin with a special microstructure. Our cue balls posses accurate weight, precise density and balance and a flawless surface polish. The Roundness Variation is +/- 0.02, the Brinell Hardness Number is more than 35 and the Impact Test Deviation is 1.4 to 1.6 which lends itself to a more consistent impact response. ( Regulation size and weight, 2 1/4," 6oz.)

As you can see, we view our craft as being very unique and special and we always keep customer satisfaction at the forefront of our endeavors.


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